Competitor Search Dominance Report

The package includes all the following:

Competitor Backlink Analysis

One of the quickest ways to leapfrog your competitors in the search is to match and exceed. A backlink analysis report will tell you where your competitors are obtaining links to their website.

Why is this so valuable? Once you know where your competitors are getting their referral links, all you have to do is gain the same link profile from the top search results. Steadily over time, your website will rank higher than the others in the search results.

Google Map Intelligence

Similar to a competitor backlink analysis, we'll study where your competitors are gaining directory listings. With this report, you'll be able to submit your company details to the same websites and gain a competitive advantage.

Low Hanging Fruit Action Plan

Competitive keywords can sometimes be challenging to rank for and take years of investment. Instead of competing for fiercely fought after search terms, we'll perform a complete analysis on search terms you can easily rank for.

With this insight, we'll you'll get a list of search terms and suggested topics you can use for your next blog article. Act now before your competitors do.

Technical SEO Audit

Why do you need this? Most websites are built to look good. However, there as some basic quick fixes that can be implemented to get your website ranking high in the search engine within a few weeks.

The technical audit is a detailed report of all the hidden errors that only search engines like Google and Bing take notice of. Once fixed, your site will rank higher in the search with minimal effort. This includes commonly unknown technical suggestions you would pay thousands for an SEO agency to implement for you.

The intelligence report is a great way to get started in search marketing. You can use the report with an SEO specialist or take our SEO course to implement and take action.

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